Spyder Movie Review

October 03,2017  

Spyder Movie Review

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, SJ Surya

Direction: AR Murugadoss

Duration: 1 hour 54 Minutes

Review: Mahesh Babu (Shiva) is a dedicated officer working for the intelligence bureau, spies on the ones who need help, he develops a software to listen to the needing ones by tracking their phone call. Mahesh Babu listen to a girl asking her friend for help as she is lonely in her house, he sends his friend and police constable to help the girl. But the next day, he finds them dead.

To know who murdered them, he sets out to spy the girl's chats and finally leads him to know about Sudalai (SJ Suryah), a serial killer who is the very incarnation of evil. Sudalai has an anxiety to kill people and see the victims' family crying. finally Shiva arrests Sudalai, Sudalai escapes from the Police quarters and threatens the whole citizens,whether Shiva, able to tackle Sudalai's plan? and how he saves the life of the people is the rest of the story.

Mahesh Babu plays as Shiva, looks handsome on screen, SJ Suryah as Sudalai who plays as a serial killer and performed his role really well.

Overall, Spyder is an Intresting Thriller movie.