49-O Movie Review

49-O Movie Review
49-O Movie Review

Cast: Goundamani, Rajendran, Chaams, Balasingh, Guru Somasundaram

Director: P. Arokiyadoss

Music Coposer: K

Cinematography: Aadhi karuppiah

Editor: Paramesh Krishna

Goundamani’s ’49O’ story revolves around the village people who depends on their land for cultivation and agriculture. The Government decides to bring railway station next to the agricultural land.

Their area MLA son came to know the plans early and he is ready to buy farmers land for a very low price and later, they plan to sell the same land for a whopping amount. He pays a small amount as an advance to the farmers and received the whole power of their lands, balance amount he kept holding with him.

Later farmers were cheated by him. Goundamani enters into the picture, he manages to help the farmers and how he makes the situation hilarious to the politicians should be watched on big screen.

The other issue Goundamani keeps striking is the "Give Money Win Vote" concept, and interestingly reverses it as "Want Vote, Give Money", rather hilariously.

What happens next? Is said in the rest of the story to be watch on big screen.

Goundamani is back with a bang and he carried the entire movie on his shoulders. His comic timing, funny antics and his imitations bring hilarious fun to the audiences. He showcased good variations in a few comedy scenes. Motta Rajendran’s dialogues are a big attraction in this movie.

Arokiyadoss has done a decent job looking 49-O as a wholesome product showcasing important social issues and also stressing the importance of 49-O. Music done by K. Cinematography handled by Aadhi karuppiah. Paramesh Krishna cutting is hilarious.

49-O Movie Review