Alia Bhatt’s Valentine’s day checklist

Alia Bhatt’s Valentine’s day checklist
Alia Bhatt Valentines day checklist

Cornetto Brand Ambassador Alia Bhatt reveals her secrets to plan the perfect V-day

Does planning a romantic date leave you baffled? Are you worried about how you will top the wonderful surprise you planned last year? Fear not, our very own Cornetto Cupid, Alia Bhatt reveals her secrets to planning a Valentine’s day surprise that your beau won’t soon forget!

1. Plan ahead – doing anything in a hurry always results in a mess. So, give yourself enough time to pull off the best surprise ever.

2. Make lists – List down everything that you think of because great ideas often come at the oddest times.

3. Find their most favourite things – Prove that you know your significant other better than they know themselves by lining up a night that includes some of their favourite things

4. Have a contingency plan – Things don’t always go as planned, so make a back-up plan, and then another, and maybe just one other. Anything could happen but you don’t want that to dampen your plans for the perfect date

So now that we have given you the tips on how to plan for the day, here are a few foolproof ideas to ace this Valentine’s Day

1. The way to a man or woman’s heart is through their stomach, if your chef skills are not on point then plan a food trail to die for. Alternatively, if you are Master Chef in their eyes, cook up a four-course meal with their favourite cuisine. Round off the meal with a sweet surprise with the Limited Edition Red Velvet Cornetto for the perfect ending to your meal.

2. Think out of the box, if you’re dating an adventure lover plan a surprise outdoors with a trek or camp outdoors at a scenic location

3. Is your beau a music buff? Look up concerts or performances in the city on the day, if it is a landmark year and you’re really looking to leave a lasting impression get a musician to perform their favourite music live just for the two of you

Whatever the plan is, no Valentine’s day is complete without something sweet. I know that’s how I’d like my perfect date to end, just me and my beau chilling at one of our favourite haunts with our favourite ice cream, are you listening Prince Charming?

Alia Bhatt Valentines day checklist