Anjaan Movie Review

Anjaan Movie Review

Cast: Suriya, Samantha, Vidyut Jamwal

Director: N. Lingusamy

Music Director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematographer: Santosh Sivan

Editor: Anthony

Suriya's "Anjaan", which hit screens on 15 August, Directed by Lingusamy, "Anjaan" is a gangster flick with Suriya and Samantha in the lead roles. The story is set against the familiar backdrop of Mumbai.

The film describes the friendship of Raju Bhai (Surya) and Chandru (Vidyut Jamwal). The movie begins with handicaped Krishnan (Surya), who claims to be the brother of Raju, searching his missing brother in Mumbai.

He comes across those people, who were connected with his sibling in one or the other way. He tries to know the whereabouts of the missing man even from the Raju's enemies. Brinda Sarathy, N. Lingusamy's punch dialouges very much impressed with Suriya fans.

The critically acclaimed movie has answer the following questions. What happened to Raju Bhai? Will Krishna find him? All these are answered with some twists in the film. Actor Suriya has carried the film on his shoulders. Samantha oozes glamour in the film and her chemistry with Suriya looks fresh.

Vidyut and Manoj Bajpai have done their parts well. This Movie with twists, turns, loyalty, treachery, risky action sequences. Santhosh Sivan’s clinical cinematography! Through the rugged streets to some color topped song sequences this movie is a lesson for budding cinematographers.

The bird catching its prey, the action sequences show’s how much attention to detail is given, hats off! Music composer Yuvan, who delivers a BGM that revives the dull screenplay.

The experimentation has paved out well with sirens and distant echoes dances to the situation. Suriya is the saving grace in otherwise a slow moving film. Vidyut has a meaty role and he is good. The film is its length is nearly 3 hours.