Chandi Veeran Movie Review

Chandi Veeran Movie Review
Chandi Veeran Movie Review

Cast: Atharvaa, Anandhi

Director: A. Sarkunam

Music Composer: S. N. Arunagiri

Cinematography: P. G. Muthiah

Producer: Bala

Paari (Atharvaa) returns to his native village after getting punished for overstay in Singapore. He is in love with Thamarai (Anandhi) the daughter of a Mill owner (Lal) and also a big shot who commands the respect and the fear of everyone in the village.

A lake located at the village's border has been the bone of contention between this village and the village at the other end for decades. Lal who is also the unopposed president of the village retains the ownership of the lake and makes sure, that the water does not reach the people at the other end, a move supported by most of his villagers.

Paari's attempts to release the water for the neighboring village end up endangering the life of everyone living in that village. Also Lal finds the secret romance between Paari and his daughter hatches a ploy to kill Paari during the riot between the two villages.

Whether Paari could save his life and also the lives of an entire village?... forms the rest of the story.

The director has also captured how the smart phones and demand for English based education have penetrated into the villages. Instances like children attaching a smart phone in the stumps to record the cricket match they play are interesting to note.

Atharvaa fits in well as a playful rural guy who turns into a savior of an entire village. Anandhi is good looking and fulfills the needs of the character. Lal is menacing as an arrogant big shot. Rajashree makes a comeback as Atharvaa's innocent mother and does her part well. Arunagiri's songs are pleasant to the ears. P.G.Muthiah's cinematography makes us feel living at a rural locality.

Chandi Veeran solves a solid portrayal of water problem.

Chandi Veeran Movie Review