Irandam Ulagam Movie Review

Irandam Ulagam Movie Review

Cast: Arya, Anushka Shetty

Director: Selvaraghavan

Selvaraghavan is just 8 movies old now and is a respected director in the Tamil film industry for the kind of movies he has made. Irandam Ulagam adds another feather to his cap. This time he choses a very rare genre in Tamil industry - ROMANCE FANTASY. When we have seen so many movies defining True Love, Selvaraghavan goes one step ahead and defines what you call in his terms as Purist Love.

This time, he takes up a very complex script and narrates it in a very simple screenplay which is not confusing with the help of heavy VFX. I do not want to reveal the story of the movie in this review. But in simple terms, this story is about 2 couples in different worlds and how their lives connect. Arya, in both his characters has done a commendable job and could possibly be one of his best performances till date.

Anushka, excels in both her characters as a simple doctor and a fearless, warrior lady. The supporting cast have all done a decent job. A special mention about the Georgian Actors who have taken pains to get their lip sync correct for the Tamil dialogues. People may complain about these foreign actors talking in Tamil and looking odd but this is much better than having English/Hindi dialogue with Tamil subtitles where the audience lose track of the film by following the subtitles.

Harris' songs are good and does not slow the pace of the movie while Anirudh's BGM is really good. For a young Music Director who is just 3 films old and scoring for a Fantasy flick is not an easy job. Though you could hear traces of 3's BGM at places, he has done a really good job for this movie. ‘Kanimozhiye’ and ‘Panangkalla’ have been shot well.

Kola Bhaskar's editing needs a special mention as his work can go unnoticed in such a CG heavy film. The same applies for Ramji who has done one of his career's best work in showing a wonderful world to the audience. His camera frames and lighting forms the backbone for this CG heavy film.

The film’s biggest strength is its visuals and credit to the creative director Merzin Tavaria and the team at Firefly Creative Studios for putting out one of the most VFX rich Tamil films without making it seem too jarring. People may compare the quality of output with that of Hollywood movies like Avatar but we should remember that this film is done on a budget of Rs.50Crores and not Rs.1000 Crores.

If we can give such a wonderful output with budget constraints, we can be pretty sure that our work is far far better than any of the Hollywood movies. The pre-interval sequence and scene where the 2 world come together could be one of the best scenes in a VFX rich film in Indian industry. For people complaining about logic, we should understand that this is a fantasy movie and fantasy defies logic.

So if you are looking for a mainstream commercial film with a racy and logical screenplay, this film is not for you. Sit and relax for a 2 hour 40 mins Visual Treat. One drawback of the movie is it's pace. Rather than saying it is slow paced, the screenplay is paced gradually without any urgency.

If the film was about 10- 15mins shorter, it could have well been an almost complete film. Selvaraghavan has painstakingly converted what could have been a brilliant fantasy novel into a visual spectacle. This could have not been possible if not for this technicians and the lead cast.

Verdict: If you enjoy Selvaraghavan's film or love a Fantasy romantic movie, this movie could well be your favourite movie.