Mugamoodi Movie Review

Mugamoodi Movie Review
Mugamoodi Movie Review

Expectations ran sky-high for Mysskin's Mugamoodi, which was touted be the first super hero film in Tamil cinema.

Produced by UTV , the movie featuredJiiva, Pooja Hegde, Nasser, Narain andSelvah in lead roles.

More of Hollywood action movies meeting Chinese kung fu movies, Mugamoodi is action all the way.

One thing for sure. Don't go to theater expecting a typical Mysskin movie. It is a racy commercial entertainer loaded with action and it like a grandmother narrating a tale to children.

Action is what the movie speaks loud about.  Lee (Jiiva) is a fun-loving youngster for whom the world is kung fu,Bruce Lee and his master Chandru (Selvah). He meets Sakthi (Pooja Hegde), daughter of a police officer Gaurav (Nasser). Its love instantly for him. But she wants a brave youth.  

To win her heart, Lee decides o hide his identity and appear before her in the costume of a super hero. When he does so, situation forces him to chase a gang of baddies, whom the police is hunting for. They belong to one Dragon Angusamy (Narain), who runs a kung fu school. They are baddies involved in killing people and looting jewels. Now it is fight between Angusamy and Lee. Who wins the battle in the end forms the climax.

Jiiva hogs all limelight. he has matured enough to shoulder the whole burden and deliver a clean act. As super hero and his acts, he has worked hard and delivers it well. 

A wholesome show by him. Narain has added strength to the film.A soft and cute villain, he is impressive. Pooja Hegde has a brief role. Nasser and Selvah walks away with aplomb.

Myskkin has not tried to tread a cliched path The movie is rather different and unique in terms of content. Sathya's cinematography is eye-catchy while K 's tunes and background score stay fresh.

Mugamoodi, produced by UTV, is catchy and trendy.


Mugamoodi Movie Review