Raja Rani Movie Review

Raja Rani Movie Review

Director: Atlee

Cast: Arya, Nayanthara, Nazriya, Santhanam

Music: GV Prakash

Debutant director Atlee`s highly hyped Raja Rani starts off promisingly and keeps us engaged in the first half. But post-interval it loses steam, and turns out to be a cheesy, emotionally manipulative drama with a predictable climax. The film’s tagline declares, 'There is life after love failure. There is love after love failure' and this is exactly what Raja Rani is all about.

John (Arya) and Regina (Nayanthara) have an arranged marriage, despite not being interested in it. Both are yet to come out of their previous romances. Regina was desperately in love with Surya (Jai), while John had a roaring affair with Keerthana (Nazriya). How two people nursing deep romantic wounds finally come together forms the rest of the story.

Preferring to hold on to their past life, both are often rude and hurtful to the other in an attempt to push them away. Regina tries to get herself transferred and wants to get out of the country, while John drinks himself senseless every night with his buddy Sarathy (Santhanam). As the story progresses, John and Regina learn about each other’s past love life and since both understand the pain and heartbreak of losing someone, they start to sympathize with the other.

The trouble with the film is the weak story which can be told in one-line but runs for nearly three hours. On the downside, the emotions too are contrived and there are no smart dialogues. Nayanthara gets a well-written role and she couldn`t ask for a better character than Regina for her return after a three-year hiatus. She looks good, throws herself into the role, approaches her part with restraint and minimalist fuss, and turns in a sincere performance.

And this is unquestionably this film`s biggest strength. Arya as the romantic dude is clearly at home playing this kind of funny and romantic character. He oozes confidence and is an absolute delight. Newcomer Nazriya Nasim appears confident, and is well cast as the spirited orphan girl, but saddled with an inconsistent character, she fails to leave a lasting impression.

Sathyaraj does a cameo as heroine`s father and does it in style. Cast once again as hero`s best friend, adviser and love doctor, Santhanam does the job but is getting stale.

Music by G V Prakash is lively and cheerful. The Hey Baby number and Angnyaade have become quite popular among youngsters. A decent love entertainer, can be watched.