Veeram Movie Review

Veeram Movie Review

Cast: Ajith, Tamanna, Vidharth, Santhanam and others

Directed by: Siva

Ajith in a rural based movie after a long time.That calls for an interesting movie. Director Siva or "Siruthai" Siva as he is more commonly known as joins hands with a top star Ajith for a commercial entertainer. With Tammannah, Santhanam, Nasser, Pradeep Rawat, Atul Kulkarni in the cast list, this film is bound to be a casting coup of sorts. 

Story: Ajith and his 4 brothers are all single living in Ottanchathiram. Vinayagam hates marriage but ultimately falls in love with Tammannah. What happens between Ajith and Tammannah's family forms the second half of the story. Ajith has a brilliant screen presence in Veeram and this will hugely satisfy his fans.

Right from his Intro scene (A simple but still likeable by his fans) to the action sequences, sentiment scenes and romance with Tammannah, Ajith scores big time. He has not had much of an opportunity to perform in recent times and this movie has satisfied that to an extent. He should also be appreciated for having Santhanam and his brothers have good screen presence in the first half.

Tammannah plays Ajith's love interest and unlike big hero's movies, she isn;'t used as a glamour doll. The movie's story revolves around her but she had donned her role well.

Santhanam occupies most of the first half after Ajith and receives applause in almost every scene he appears. He doesn't spare Ajith himself!! Thambi Ramaiah is the comic capre in second half and joins Santhanam and Ajith's 4 brothers for comedy portions in second half.

Nasser's role is performed with ease by the veteran actor and pulls it out like a professional. Bala, Vidarth, Munish and Sohail plays as Ajith's brothers and are a perfect sidekick for Ajith and Santhanam. The rest of the case have all done what was expected of their roles.

The intro song and the Theme music of the film are the only highlights in DSP's music. The rest of the songs are very average and are a speed breaker as well in the movie. Velraj's camera work definitely deserves a special mention in bringing out the action sequences and Ajith's screen presence well. Stunt sequences are good and art work is commendable. Editing could have been a little better if a song was removed to keep up with the pace of the story.

Siva's second outing as a director with a big star like Ajith proves to be a good commercial family entertainer. This movie will definitely satisfy Ajith's fans and more importantly family audience. Congrats to Ajith for choosing such a script.

Rating: 3/5