KIDS Vs Corona 2021 Universal Anthem for new world

KIDS Vs Corona 2021 Universal Anthem for new world
KIDS Vs Corona 2021 Universal Anthem for new world
KIDS Vs Corona 2021 Universal Anthem for new world
KIDS Vs Corona 2021 Universal Anthem for new world
KIDS Vs Corona 2021 Universal Anthem for new world

KIDS Vs Corona 2021
Universal Anthem for new world

Srinivasan Somasundaram of 
TS Production is proudly releasing this song album during this TAMIL HERITAGE MONTH and the Tamilians’ Harvesting Festival day of Thai PONGAL
The song is particularly about the destruction and damaged cased to our nature by the human errors and lead to the prevailing situation of the epidemics.
SONG INCLUDES: Prevailing frightened threat to the human life. Our musical album ‘kids vs corona’: a dance musical track of the cosmos 2021. Also, the song is focused on the prevailing situation, ruin and distraction of education and happiness by the pandemic. Thy song stimulates the young kids to grow steadily with humanity, love, and affection.

Srinivasan Somasundaram,Producer: He is a Tamilian living in Canada for 30 years. This song is originated in his thoughts about the damages caused to the nature by the competitions of the developed countries. He is the proprietor of TS FILM PRODUCTIONS OF CANADA.  He has been dreaming about  the nature form his childhood and becoming a dance musical production recording artist. He started to swim in the ocean of dance industry and working hard to achieve his future goal.

Taj Noor -Music Director: He has gained experience by worked several years as assistant of Oscar
winning music composer A.R. Rahman. He Produced his film debut in VAMSAM (2010) Tamil movie. He has composed music successfully in more than 20 popular films.The Strawberry Movie Kaiveesum
Kaatre one of very special Song Also, he has been working to compose the musical form to Thirukkural.

Ajayan Bala, Director
Writer & Director . He has written screenplays for more than 15 films in the Tamil film industry. Notable are Madharasa pattinam (2010) Chennayil oru naal (2013) Manithan (2016). Also he is very famous
with Bio pic movie well known for EX.Chiefminister of Tamilnadu SELVI. J.JAYALALITHA’s Thalaivi (2021). Its under production. He is director of anthology movie 6thAthiyayaym ( 2018). He has designed and directed this song.

Ramesh Vaidya:He writes Tamil movies and TV serials songs. He has written and claimed authorship more than hundred songs for his personal albums. He is well-known for his written lyrics from melodies and Carnatic music. He is popular performing artist and He writing so many stages in Tamil Nadu. He is very popular for his Bharatanatyam play called 'Bootha Sanchaaram'.

Pa. Iniyavan:Poet/ Song writer
He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Chennai. He is an emerging young song writer and poet. His book called ‘Doors to the Town’ was greatly appreciated by the contemporary literary world. Ennoda Aalu, Enga Appa, Ulle Po, Engal Sastha, Thada Thada Railea, Yen Azhaga the songs are very popular among the cinema musical field.

Stunt silva: Special appearance: He is a brilliant and famous choreographer of martial arts in Indian Cinema industry. He was the choreographer and stunt master of Super star rajinikant’s movie ‘Endhiran 2.0’ (2018). His special emergence has been recorded as singer and dancer in this video.

I would like to request you to get the opinion about the production. Your opinion and advices will make me to involved in this filed more aggressively and enthusiastically. Thank you for your support and

I would appreciate your great value. Our song will available in you tube sh
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Director #Vetrimaaran releasing 'KIDS Vs Corona 2021' Universal Anthem for new world produced by @SrinivasanSoma4 of
TS Productions Canada by 12:30 PM tom 14thJan
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Dir @ajayanwordstar 
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