Thanks Note From Stunt Masters Anbariv

Thanks Note From Stunt Masters Anbariv

Greetings! It’s a moment of pride to share this happy moment with you all. You are aware that KGF won two national awards this year. For the action sequences we have won that award.

At this very important moment, we would first like to thank the producer, director for trusting us with this opportunity, and all our fellow technicians, actors and actresses and all those associated with the project.

And, we would also like to thank the jury who recommended us, who carefully analyzed and chose to give us this award. We express our very sincere thanks to you, one and all.  

This big success is the result of tireless hard work. We had been working dedicatedly in setting up the action sequences for many years now, and ‘Kaidi’ happens to be our 100th film. When we were happily looking forward to the release of our 100th film, this award has come as a big surprise, multiplying our energy and happiness. It’s also worthy to note that, we are currently working with the same team for KGF 2.  

This moment is not possible without your positive support and contribution. Your work is most respectable and commendable. We express our sincere thanks to all our media friends at this happy moment.

Sincerely, Anbariv