Fresh and Original Content on COLORS Tamil everyday

Fresh and Original Content on COLORS Tamil everyday
Fresh and Original Content on COLORS Tamil everyday

As we get used to the new normal, COLORS Tamil continues to keep you and your family entertained with revamped and refreshed content every single day. Enjoy the mischievous tales of little Krishna, the fantasy show Chandrakanta, family entertainer Oviya, the mystical drama Amman, romantic story Idhayathai Thirudathai and the brand new super natural thriller Mangalya Dosham only on COLORS Tamil. Take a look at what’s in store for you over the next week:

Sri Krishna (Monday to Saturday, 6:30 PM)  - COLORS Tamil presents the dubbed version of the popular show Sri Krishna to your screens. Depicting the life of Lord Krishna, from the birth of the 'Makhan Chor' to becoming the Prince of Mathura and Dwarka, this mythological show also focuses on the deep friendship Krishna shared with Sudama and his divine bond with Radha.

Watch the naughty little Krishna play his pranks, keeping you on the edge of your seat with his charm and mischief, only on COLORS Tamil at 6:30 PM.

Chandrakanta (Monday to Saturday, 7:00 PM) - COLORS Tamil brings the epic tale of Princess Chandrakanta to life, a new dubbed show, depicting the battle between two rival kingdoms. Encapsulating all that the audiences love, the show boasts of history, love and eventually revenge in the backdrop of magic and mysticism. This is an epic story about the life of Princess Chandrakanta. After her family loses their kingdom to Queen Irawati, Chandrakanta grows up unaware about her heritage until Prince Veerendra enters her life and from there on begins their larger-than-life saga.

Embark on the journey with Chandrakanta only on COLORS Tamil at 7:00 PM.

Oviya (Monday to Saturday, 7:30 PM) - As things ease between Oviya and Sharavanan, Oviya is destined to go behind bars as Gandhimathi hands her over a huge money bag. Surya comes in as a saviour at the right time. Tune in to find out Gayathri’s reaction to Surya’s rescue act.

Tune in to this family entertainer at 7:30 PM on COLORS Tamil.

Amman (Monday to Saturday, 8:00 PM) – Shakthi, the spiritually favoured girl, has a premonition of sadness and death in her dreams. She begins to pray fastidiously, hoping to unravel her dreams, to understand what they signify. Meanwhile, Sharadha and Loka visit the magician to make the Goddess powerless by taking away Amman's kanmalar.

Tune in to witness the miracles that Shakthi invokes to help the villagers at 8:00 PM on COLORS Tamil.

Idhayathai Thirudaathe (Monday to Saturday, 8:30 PM) – As Sahana and Shiva enter into a new phase of life as a married couple, Vanavarayan plots an evil plan and frames Shiva for the murder of Parthasarathy, leading to him being jailed. Neelakandan and Aishwarya continue to shower their love on Sahana to help her overcome her anguish. Will things ease between Sahana and Shiva? Or will they get worse?

Tune in to COLORS Tamil at 8:30 PM to find out what happens next in Idhayathai Thirudaathe.

Mangalya Dhosham (Monday to Saturday, 9:00 PM) – Nithya’s feelings for Tarun bloom as they meet more frequently. Concluding their relationship, Nithya’s grandmother agrees to speak with Tarun’s family. As the love story builds up, Raghuvaran forces his spirit to possess multiple bodies with the intention of winning Nithya back, leading to many  unfortunate events. Will Nithya overcome this difficult phase of her life? Tune in to COLORS Tamil at 9:00 PM to find out what happens next in Mangalya Dhosham.

Watch all these exciting shows only on COLORS Tamil. Viewers can also tune in to VOOT any time to see them at their convenience.