Kick 20th day collection

Kick 20th day collection
Kick 20th day collection

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez starrer 'Kick' hit the silver screens yesterday. It is the remake of Telugu film of the same name, and the screenplay adapted by Nadiadwala and Chetan Bhagat. Here is the box office report( biz in India ).

Kick 1st day collection: 26.40 Crore

Kick 2nd day collection: 27.15 Crore

Kick 3rd day collection: 30.18 Crore

Kick 4th day collection: 14.41 Crore

Kick 5th day collection: 28.89 Crore

Kick 6th day collection: 21.66 Crore

Kick 7th day collection: 15.4 Crore

Kick 8th day collection: 9.22 Crore

Kick 9th day collection: 10.62 Crore

Kick 10th day collection: 14.18 Crore

Kick 11th day collection: 5.08 Crore

Kick 12th day collection: 4.21 Crore

Kick 13th day collection: 3.91 Crore

Kick 14th day collection: 3.80 Crore

Kick 15th day collection: 1.97 Crore

Kick 16th day collection: 2.94 Crore

Kick 17th day collection: 3.92 Crore

Kick 18th day collection: 1.69 Crore

Kick 19th day collection: 1.35 Crore

Kick 20th day collection: 1.10 Crore

Kick total collection: 228.08 Crore

Kick 20th day collection